GMAT Verbal Question Types: 

1: Sentence Correction questions
Sentence correction questions are the most frequent type of question you will encounter in the GMAT Verbal section -- a little bit more than a third of of the questions are of this type, or 14-17 questions total.

In this type of question, you need to pick the best version of the underlined section of a sentence that contains up to two flaws. The first answer choice always repeats the original, which you should select if there are no flaws.

Analyze and draw conclusions from discourse; reason from incomplete data; identify author's assumptions; understand multiple levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author's intent. 
Abelson's world class reading and analytical skills will teach you what the verbal questions are asking using our proven formulaic strategies.

2: Reading Comprehension questions
You can expect12-15 Reading Comprehension questions (4 reading passages, 3-4 questions on each passage), in which you are required to read a passage and answer various questions about its content and structure. When you get Reading Comprehension questions, the screen splits into an area for the passage and an area for the question and answer choices.

3: Critical Reasoning questions
You can expect 11-14 Critical Reasoning questions, in which you are required to analyze an argument and find the logical solution to the question stem, such as point the main logical flaw in the argument, choose a sentence that weakens/strengthens the argument, and so on.

Question types you will encounter in this section include:

1. Problem Solving / Word Problems

Specifically, math topics covered are:
Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry. No calculus, no trigonometry.

2. Data Sufficiency

You will be given two mathematical statements and asked whether a certain question can be answered with one or both of the statements, or whether the statements are insufficient.

Abelson's math specialists will teach you how to:

Interpret and Analyze quantitative information.

Solve problems using mathematical models.

Apply mathematical and concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data interpretation.

Integrated Reasoning:

There are four Integrated Reasoning questions types:
Two-Part Analysis:
The question prompt may be quite wordy and has a small table attached to it. The question asks you to choose two answers out of five or six.

Multi-Source Reasoning
The information is presented in multiple tabs (three tabs you can navigate among, individually) and usually revolves around Critical Reasoning type questions, although quant may also be involved.

Graphic Interpretation
A graph or chart is presented and you must analyze the information presented. There are two questions and the answer choices are presented in drop down menu fashion, each with a minimum of three answer choices.

Table Analysis
A sortable table is presented along with three questions, each with two answer choices. You must be able to differentiate between useful and non useful data.

Click below for the official Integrated Reasoning section format:

The Analytical Writing Assessment

Abelson Writing Specialists, will teach you how to:

Articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively.

Support ideas with relevant reasons and examples.

Examine claims and accompanying evidence.

Sustain a well focused, coherent discussion.

Abelson's GMAT Instructor Credentials

Instructor: Steve Abelson

​Steve Abelson teaches the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing Sections.
Curriculum Vitae:
Owner / Director: Abelson Test Prep

Director of Professional Development, Questar III BOCES
Lead trainer NYSED.  
Statewide training in aligning standards to curriculum. 
Coordinated the curricula used in the commissioner's monthly broadcast:​ "Tools for Schools."
Administrator for Special Education

Professor of Special Education, Graduate Division, The College of Saint Rose.    
Director of Education, Vanderheyden Hall
Public School Teacher, History, Secondary Education, Greenville, NY     
• SAS / SDA Education Admimistration, State University of New York at Albany.
• MS Public Administration, Sage College in Albany, NY.
• BS Education, State University of New York at Albany.        
• School District Administrator : Permanent
• School Administrator Supervisor: Permanent
​• Social Studies/English 7-12: Permanent
• Impartial Hearing Officer: New York State
• Certified Strategic Planner - Cambridge Associates

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​GMAT Content & Structure:

You have three and a half hours to complete the four sections of the GMAT exam – Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. At the test center, just before your exam begins, you can select the order in which you want to complete the sections according to

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