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Individual Lesson Policies

Individual Lessons must be used at a MINIMUM rate of two per month to preserve the continuity and educational value of the instruction.
If you have a Skype Only package your lessons will be delivered via SKYPE.

Live in person Lessons may be delivered via SKYPE or in person at any of the following locations:

1) During free blocks at school if you attend the Albany Academies or Academy of the Holy Names.

2) Your local public library.

3) Our conference space at the HUB in Saratoga Springs, NY.

4) Our conference location on Wolf Road.

PLEASE NOTE:  "Any parent/student who does not confirm a lesson via email to our registrar 24 hours in advance of the offered scheduled date /time understands that the lesson will NOT BE HELD and that a new request will have to be submitted.
As a test PREPARATION organization, ABELSON TEST PREP needs adequate time for instructors to plan for their student. Moreover, instructors need adequate notice to travel to their site to be ready for the student"

Contracted Services:

All Abelson Test Prep employees have signed a contract that includes a non-compete clause. The non-compete clause specifically states Abelson employees may not enter into a separate agreement with any Abelson student or their parent for the period of the contracted services and for one year beyond. This policy equally applies to parents, students and their families and all Abelson Test Prep employees. For example, a student is receiving services under option 2 for individual lessons. During the course of those lessons Abelson Test Prep employees may not enter into a separate agreement with the student, parent or any other family member. At the conclusion of the contracted service period, Abelson employees may not enter into a separate agreement with any student who has received Abelson Test Prep services of any kind for one full year. Parents who violate this policy will be billed the prevailing non-discounted rate for those services and will forfeit any unlimited group or group time remaining.

What is your refund policy?
Once your student has registered with Abelson Test Prep there are no refunds.  We would be happy to apply your tuition to a future class or semester. There are NO REFUNDS for UNUSED LESSONS. Individual Lessons NEVER EXPIRE and may be used by the student anytime in the future. Unused Individual Lessons may not be transferred to anyone.  Please purchase only the number of individual lessons that you need to become prepared for test. Sign up only for the individual lesson package that you or your student will be able to complete prior to your scheduled test date. 

Lessons are NOT TRANSFERABLE. Parents may contract for two students (siblings) to split an Option 2 or Option 3 package. Contracts for splitting services MUST be initiated at the time of registration.

Extreme Circumstances: 

Students who move from the area or have a serious illness, and wish to invoke the extreme circumstances clause, will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 1/3 of their original tuition.

(Example: A student who registered for the SAT / ACT option three individual lesson package ($2,495 tuition) and decides to drop out

will be assessed a $835 cancellation fee plus the pro-rated value of all of the lessons delivered. For instance, a student attended ten lessons, pro-rated value $1,085, added to the cancellation fee of $845, would receive the difference of $2,495 (option 3 tuition) and $1,930. In this example the $1,930 represents the cancellation fee added to the delivered lessons.

Additionally, the student forfeits all unused lessons, the right to attend groups and any and all services that are part of the purchased package.

Any student who drops out of the program must return all materials to Abelson Test Prep.

What is the difference between Abelson Test Prep and other test preparation companies?
Abelson Test Prep has provided Test Preparation since 1980.  
For the past 33 years Leaders of Commerce, Industry, and Education have sent their own family members, and recommended others, to Abelson Test Prep.

We are Motivational Presenters.
We stress "Learning How to Learn."
We have OUTSTANDING RESULTS at a LOWER COST than our competitors.
We teach strategies that are used, not only on test day, but Everyday!

Required Attendance

Students who are registered for individual packages are required to attend at least two individual lessons each month in order to obtain educational continuity as well as assuring that all lessons will be delivered prior to your test date. Students who fail to maintain required attendance, for any given month, will lose the two required lessons for that month, and will have these lessons charged against their total.

​What is the average point gain after completing the program?

Abelson Test Prep students receive an average gain of 195 points when comparing College
Board administered tests (PSAT/SAT).
Full Attendance and Practice at Home are required to achieve these results.
Students are expected to practice an equivalent number of hours per week, at home, for each hour spent in class.

Why does Abelson Test Prep use the College Board book: The Official SAT Study Guide? The College Board releases Actual Previous Tests with the Actual Questions.  By practicing on the "Real Playing Field" of the SAT, using Abelson's exclusive strategies, your student will be thoroughly prepared. No student in thirty years has ever reported back to Abelson Test Prep, that they felt unprepared on Test Day, after working with Abelson.

What other services does Abelson Test Prep Offer?
Tutoring in all major subject areas.

AP Test Prep.
The College Application ESSAY.
Test Preparation for ACT, SAT II, Subject Area Tests, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT.
Staff and Professional Development.

How to Get the Maximum Benefit from Abelson Test Prep:

Attendance at every class!

Group Class Enrollment Minimums and Maximums:

Group Classes are offered on a first come first served basis to school districts, private schools and the community. Class sizes range from 8-15 students. If more than 15 students enroll we will start a new section. Likewise, if under 8 students enroll they will be given the option to either join an existing class or upgrade to six individual lessons.

What if my student misses a class?
Students are welcome to attend any class section, at any location that Abelson Test Prep offers, as long as it is within the same semester. Semesters are defined as July 1st through December 31st, and January 1st through June 30th.

Returning Students:

Students who have completed a group program with Abelson Test Prep may re-register for a new group at 50% of the regular (Non-Discounted) tuition for that group.

Students who have completed any individual program with Abelson Test Prep may re-register for any individual program at the posted individual rate for the option they choose.

What if my individual (1:1) student misses a session? All individual students are scheduled between the student and a representative of Abelson Test Prep.  
Any student who misses a session or fails to show up and fails to give at least a 48 hour notification will be charged for that session.

Individual Lesson Scheduling System:

  • Our scheduling system is more like a "mosaic" than a fixed schedule.  This allows for the maximum flexibility to accommodate your student's busy schedule.   For example, one week we may meet with a student on a Tuesday after school and the next week on a Saturday morning. We also meet with private school students during their free blocks. 
  • Each week parent / student e-mails their availability including dates and times to work with our teachers via the 1:1 Lesson Appointment form, on our website.
  • Once received, our office coordinates your schedule with our teacher's schedules.
  • When we receive confirmation from the teacher, we will e-mail you with a confirmed date and time for your lesson.
  • All scheduling must be completed via the 1:1 Lesson Appointment Form, on our website.
  • We will not accept scheduling confirmations via text or telephone. 

Please check your sports and extra-curricular activity schedule prior to confirming appointments.  Please keep your appointments.

Individual Lesson Lateness Policy:
Students who are 20 minutes late for a confirmed lesson forfeit that lesson.

Individual Lesson Cancellation Policy:

Abelson Test Prep requires 48 hours notice when cancelling a lesson.  Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be forfeited and will be counted against your total number of lessons. Parents may "buy back" a forfeited lesson at 75% of the non-discounted tuition for that lesson. For example, Option One - 6 classes @ $695. Per lesson cost is $116.  Buy back rate: $87.

Sample Lesson Policy:

Students who have signed up for a sample lesson and then complete registration and tuition will have the sample lesson count toward the total number of lessons delivered.

Are your tuition prices guaranteed not to go up?

Our tuition's are guaranteed for one year.

Does Abelson Test Prep Offer Any Discounts? Our tuitions are competitive.  School Districts and Private groups that guarantee, register, and pay 15 Full Tuition's to Abelson Test Prep, will receive a $100 discount on the published tuition rate. The 15 student minimum, applies to each separate and distinct group/class taught. Therefore, a group with 18 registered and paid students that are attending two separate class sections that meet at separate times or on separate days, would not be eligible for this discount.  there must be 15 students in each class to receive the discount.

See the Discounts Page (A link to the discounts page is on the home page) for our current discount offerings.  Discounts have expiration dates.

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