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College & Company, Beth OsbornPayer, MA - Owner & College Admissions Consultant




Building upon my professional work with college students, and a desire to maximize student potential, I formed a vision for College & Company -- an educational consulting practice where collaboration is key, and a proactive process is informed by the student as an individual. 

As a parent of two teenagers, I'm keenly aware that it's a challenge to balance priorities in high school. And yet; academic, personal, and extracurricular choices pave the way for a student's own satisfaction and future plans -- as well as a stronger college application. I encourage striking a balance of enjoyment in the present, and planning for the future (which can often go hand in hand!). I've been known to ask, "are you spending your time doing things that matter most?" Forward-thinking conversations about priorities, academic choices, and how to identify and pursue personal interests, lead to self-aware and fulfilled students. And, those students are desirable applicants when applying to college. 

I hold a BA in English from Skidmore College, a Master's in Higher Education/Student Affairs Administration from Syracuse University, and I have worked intensively with college students in my professional life. In addition, I have completed College Admissions Counseling certificate program through the University of California Riverside. I have seen first-hand the successes and challenges that they experience, and I have been immersed in the ins and outs of today's college admissions landscape -- through my coursework, the highly regarded IECA and NYSACAC Summer Institutes, and constant reading and research. I am a student of colleges; every day.

I enjoy students. I respect parents; and I get a thrill from bringing the college admissions process together, through communication and smart planning. There's nothing more satisfying than finding the very best college match for a student, and supporting them on their path to success.

My practice is growing and evolving in exciting ways. I especially enjoy bringing resources together to support the best possible outcome for students. College & Company is collaborative, and networking with fellow professionals is an integral part of how I like to work. 

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