Beyond the Box

We often get the question, "How are you different from big box company X?"

  • We use REAL College Board test questions with all of our preparation materials, not test questions made up by big box company X.  You will be practicing on the REAL playing field - the same one as on test day.
  • Average Group Size-Less than 8.
  • We meet at a Location CONVENIENT to your home.
  • WE travel - we don't make you travel.
  • Students may switch back and forth to our many group locations to accommodate their very busy schedules.
  • Our office is located HERE in the Capital District.  
  • We are your neighbors and LOCAL Educators.  We are not owned by a company in New Jersey or Washington DC.
Student Centered

​      We help our students achieve and retain the greatest possible success. Our unique strategies coupled with our motivational teaching style inspire results, not only on test day, but everyday in school.
     School Districts welcome Abelson Test Prep into their buildings because the strategies that we teach their students allow them to be competitive everyday - not just on Test Day.  
     No other organization has the teaching skills and staff development prowess to effectuate an ongoing change in students' ability to learn.
      Abelson gives back to the community through a foundation that supports needy students who otherwise would not be able to enroll in our valuable programs.

Results Driven

Abelson Test Prep Inspires Results!

We have a 33 year track record of outstanding results.  

  • Average point gain per student, on the SAT is 92 points per section.
  • Average point gain on the ACT is 4.5 points on the 36 point scale.
  • All Abelson LSAT students have been admitted to the Law School of their choice.
  • All Abelson MCAT students received acceptance letters from medical schools, and schools of osteopathic medicine.
  • Abelson GRE students scored in the upper 10% over the past 15 years.
  • Bentley College used our student's College Admissions Essay, as an example to visiting high school seniors, of the kind of essay that makes a difference to the college admissions team.
  • During the past 33 years, over 250  Abelson students received perfect scores in one of the domains of the SAT.   Abelson students have won National Merit Scholarships, Siena Presidential Scholarships, and Presidential Scholarships from various colleges and universities.
  • Click HERE to read what our students are saying about Abelson Test Prep.

Expert Team

  • Our expert team is guided by the leadership of Stevan Abelson, an education leader for 33 years.  
  • Our consultants are leading experts in their respective fields and include certified teachers, administrators and specialists. These effective mentors are selected, as much for their academic expertise, as for their outgoing personalities and ability to communicate with and relate to students.
  • Many of your children's teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators studied with Professor Abelson at the College of Saint Rose.
  • Community Leaders, Educators, and Education Administrators / Professionals have all retained the Abelson Team to work with their family.

1:1 Individualized Preparation

Each program is tailored to the needs and strengths of the student. 
Students may use their lessons ANYTIME from the first lesson until they graduate from High School.
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Abelson Test Prep emphasizes understanding, not memorization, as we teach students to learn how to learn;

we inspire their intellectual curiosity with our personalized approach to education.

We Teach Success.